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Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress


Wedding Dress


A radiant wedding gown is hand stiched with love, in anticipation of Hannah's fiancee's return from the war. He is killed and the gown is packed away. Hannah hopes that someday the dress will be worn by someone with a love as deep as her own. Years later, she sends the dress to her nephew Travis. He is engaged to a beautiful but shallow girl and doesn't realize that his assistant, Zoey, is his true love.
Travis' car is stolen with the wedding dress in it. This starts a chain of events taking the dress from the car thief, to a cab driver, to a struggling couple, to a second-hand shop, and to a dry cleaners where the dress is mistakenly sent to Madeline, a lonely woman, who finds love. The gown, then intended for a costume company, mistakenly gets sent to Joan, another woman who also finds love. Magically, the dress changes the lives of six brides, but the one couple that can truly fulfill Hannah's wish for her gown is still apart. Will the chain of events come full circle and reaffirm what a small world it can be when it comes to love?

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