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Vengeance Valley [Slim Case]

Vengeance Valley [Slim Case]


Vengeance Valley [Slim Case]


Burt Lancaster (Field of Dreams, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Phantom of the Opera) and Robert Walker (Till the Clouds Roll By, My Son John) costar in this 1950s western about family discord and retribution. Lancaster plays Owen Daybright, a young man who in his youth was adopted by a rancher with a small fortune of crops and land. Owen's brother Lee (Walker) is a good for nothing, careless being who has spent his whole life giving Owen constant trouble. But it's not until their young adult years that Lee crosses the line and Owen Daybright decides he can take no more.

Vengeance Valley, based on the popular novel by Luke Short, is a tale of how far the disfunctions of family and sibling rivalry can go.

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