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The fiery crash and explosion of a meteor bring an unwanted intrusion into Max Page's 73rd birthday party, an intrusion with deadly consequences as an alien power possesses and changes Max. Soon after this incident, Max finds himself beginning to grow younger.

Hurt from the explosion, Max goes to the hospital and is under the medical care of pretty nurse, Connie, with whom he strikes a friendship just as she is moving to San Diego. Once meeting her, Max begins to be haunted by bizarre nightmares and a thirst for murder.

FBI investigator John Mills is soon investigating a series of unexplained murders. Though the evidence suggests a serial killer, eyewitnesses report seeing a different man at each crime. The trail of murder leads Mills to San Diego, where an unrecognized younger Max now lives and has found and struck up a romance with the one woman he would never harm . . . Connie.

FBI agent Mills finds and confronts Connie with the evidence leading to Max being the criminal and convinces her to become the bait for the trap to capture Max. The explanation for what happens next can only be explained from the darkest corners of the universe and the presence of the UNWELCOMED!

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