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To Love, Honor and Deceive

To Love, Honor and Deceive


To Love, Honor and Deceive


Sydnee Carpenter (Vanessa Marcil) is a devoted mother to her young son, and is now accustomed to the puzzling existence of her mysterious, non-communicative husband, Mathew (Thomas Gibson).  When her husband and son are suddenly killed in a boating accident, Sydnee's comfortable existence is shattered.  Although she is overwhelmed by her grief, Sydnee cannot ignore the strange pieces from her husband's past that continue to make their way into her present.  Before long, she suspects that her husband has masterminded an elaborate scheme in order to abandon her and kidnap their son.  Unable to convince the authorities of her wild sounding speculations, Sydnee does catch the attention of Detective Jim Sanders (James Wilder), who may have his own hidden agenda for getting involved with her plight.  Attempting to track down her husband, Sydnee enters into the darkest depth of underworld wheeling and double-dealing, with now guarantee that anyone is going to play fair, and no guarantee that she will ever finder her son.

Director: Michael Watkins

Actors: Vaness Marcil; Thomas Gibson; Hames Wilder; Leland Orser; Rosalind Chao

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