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Tiger [s




A boy's dream becomes the adventure of a lifetime

Josh Baker is the youngest son of the rambunctious but loving Baker family who live in a sunny beachside California suburb. He is constantly teased by his brother John and his sisters Erica and Lisa, misunderstood by his parents Andrea and Rick, and taunted by bullies Benjamin and Trevor. He dreams of having a true friend of his own. He wants a pet dog, but his father won't allow it.

While playing one day, Josh finds a young puppy who has been separated from his family. Josh adopts the dog and names him Tiger. His parents object, but the kids want him too much for them to say no.

Although Tiger doesn't fetch or sit up, he does what no other dog can do . . . he talks to Josh! Of course, when Josh tells his friends about his "talking dog," the whole neighborhood thinks Josh is kooky. When the neighborhood bullies kidnap Tiger, everything changes. What happens next will delight the whole family. What started out as a boy's dream of having his own pet, becomes the adventure of a lifetime!

In English and Espanol

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