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Super Duper Sumos - Deep Sushi (Vol. 3)


Super Duper Sumos - Deep Sushi (Vol. 3)


When Ms. Mister tells Dr. Stinger that she will only kiss him when the world freezes over, Dr. Stinger takes it literally - and it's one butt-chilling adventure for Boomer, Kimo, and Mamoo! Then, the sumos go undercover at Generic City High and uncover a secret Bad Inc. plot to substitute robots for teachers!

Honorable Thunderball! Kimo guides his actions based on honor, and the occasional glimpse of the future. But honor is a tricky thing when Boomer wants Kimo to use his premonitions to win a car contest. All Kimo foresees, however, is imminent danger from Dr. Stinger's latest creation, a giant tadpole! Then, Kimo finds himself having to choose between helping Booma and Mamoo and honoring Genghis Fangus, who is masquerading as Kimo's long lost father. Soy nuts!

Contains 4 butt-bouncing fables
Sumos On Ice
Back To School
Phat To The Phuture
Honor Thy Phather

Bonus Features:

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