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Sublime (Uncut)

Sublime (Uncut)


Sublime (Uncut)


Family man George Grieves (Tom Cavanagh of TV's Ed and Love Monkey) checks into Mt. Abbadon Hospital for a routine procedure. When he awakens from his anesthesia, something is terribly wrong . . . with George . . . with the hospital . . . and especially with the shuttered East Ward, an eerie lair of secrets, sex and surgical terrors.

Raw Feed presents the fear-drenched psychological thriller Sublime, directed by Tony Krantz (executive producer of 24) from a screenplay by Emmy Award winner Erik Jendresen (Band of Brothers). In the tradition of cinema's classic tales of suspense, Sublime will keep you guessing as its puzzle pieces fall into place, and leave you stunned by its astounding conclusion. Graphic, bold, sexual and utterly horrifying, Sublime explores what happens when what you fear becomes real.

Special Features:
Commentary by Director Tony Krantz and Writer Erik Jendresen
Surgical Exorcism: Sociocultural Anthropologist Dr. Falk's Webcast of a Live Surgical Exorcism in the Mountains of Peru
Interviews with Tony Krantz, Erik Jendresen, Co-Star Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs and Director of Photography Dermott Downs
Shebeen Josie: Inside An African Juke Joint, a Coversation Between a Beverly Hills Housewife And A Demon
Have No Fear Music Video By Bird York, Academy Award Nominee for Crash Trailer

Bonus Features:

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