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Stories Of Faith Collection: Crossroads

Stories Of Faith Collection: Crossroads


Stories Of Faith Collection: Crossroads


God's Healing Staring Vincent Price
Vincent Price stars as a minister whose healing services are sought after by a woman with a serious heart condition. In addition to aiding her physical condition, the reverend's ministering helps to heal the strained relationship between the woman and her rebellious daughter.

Inner Light Starring Keye Luke
An American missionary in China struggles to save a young man (Luke) blinded in a terrible factory accident. Suffering terrible pain and seeking to end his life, the missionary must convince the young man that life is precious and the future is never dark as long as one accepts the brilliant light of God.

Mother O'Brien Starring Johnny Lydon
The Widow O'Brien has two grown sons, one a police detective, the other a drug-abusing criminal (Lydon). While the widow favors her felonious son, Detective O'Brien turns to the clergy to help save his wayward brother. But will the help offered be accepted, or is it already too late?

The Man Who Walked On Water
A missionary in Africa, along with his ailing wife, faces a challenge when the native witch doctor objects to his ministering. The reverend is forced to take extreme measures in order to convince the villagers that the witch doctor has no power in the face of the Almighty.

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