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Secret Force, The

Secret Force, The


Secret Force, The


Marty's stable, perfect life is disrupted when he comes in contact with an unstable army buddy, Leroy. Leroy assails a restaurant with a Rambo style arsenal and turns the place into a blood bath. Ties with Leroy implacate Marty in the heinous act, and he finds himself the target of mysterious, vile government types. His only way out is to identify other "ticking time bombs" who are also his friends.

Marty moves to warn his friend, Skully, but he is too late. Like Leroy, Skully is programmed for murder. Marty embarks on a dangerous mission to save Skully, to expose a menacing government experiment, and keep his own sanity intact.

Director: Larry Larson

Actors: Graham Clark, Kimberleigh Stark

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