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Relaxation For The Mind: Going Deep

Relaxation For The Mind: Going Deep by Eli Bay


Relaxation For The Mind: Going Deep

From the Box:

Autogenic Relaxation:
Take a vacation every day. Eli's soothing voice will guide you through a sequence in which you imagine that your individual body parts become loose and heavy. You then imagine that you're at the beach, hearing the surf, feeling the sun's warmth on your body. The deep healing rest that results can surpass that of a real holiday. This is one of the most popular relaxation exercises for tension/stress control and for sleeping.

The Healing Light
This is a popular imagery exercise in which Eli guides you into a special state of calm clarity and release. With simple images to keep your mind focused, you are led through a sequence to unwind your body, quiet your mind and expand your awareness. The healing light experience will leave you with a wonderful feeling of revitalization and deeper sense of well-being.

Eli Bay
For almost three decades Eli Bay's unusually relaxing voice and effective techniques have boosted the well-being and performance of people in all walks of life. He is a speaker and trainer who works with some of the largest organizations in the country and demonstrates to even the most skeptical people the many issues which improve when they effectively unwind from chronic change and stress. He is masterful in creating wonderfully healing and revitalizing experiences of stress-free deep rest and relaxation.

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