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Red Wolf / Awaken Punch

Red Wolf / Awaken Punch


Red Wolf / Awaken Punch


Red Wolf
High seas action and suspense from director Yuen Woo Ping (Matrix, Couching Tiger, Shaolin Drunkard, Fist Of Legend). A cruise ship is highjacked and only one man has the skills to take the pirates down. It's 'Die Hard' done Hong Kong action style. Fists, kicks, guns and knives (and some other weapons) come to full use. Director Yuen makes this a no holds barred slug fest. If you enjoyed his other works, you'll definitely love this!

Awaken Punch
One of director Yuen Woo Ping's early master works, starring the legendary Chen Sing (Brutal Boxer). Chan must rid his ancestral village of the gangsters that are bleeding it dry.

He reaches deep inside and pulls out the ultimate killing weapon - the Awaken Punch. No fancy moves, just gruesome deaths. Chan Sing channels his rage into a furious combination of lethal moves. If he can see you, he can kill you!

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