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Pot O' Gold [Slim Case]

Pot O' Gold [Slim Case]


Pot O' Gold [Slim Case]


Classic B&W

James Haskell (Jimmy Stewart) plays the nephew of music-hater C.J. Haskell (Charles Winninger), owner of a health food business, who would rather have James come and work for him than toll away at the small music store where he spends most of his time. When the music store falters however, James is left with no choice but to give his Uncle's business a try. Upon his arrival, James becomes acquainted with and befriends the McCorkle family. The McCorkle family, it seems, play swing music with the Horace Heidt band on the roof adjacent to the Haskell factory, which of course aggravates C.J. to no end. When James becomes romantically entangled with Molly, things really start to get complicated, especially after James decides to keep from Molly that C.J. Haskell is his uncle! Pot 'O Gold is punctuated by swinging good tunes and plenty of hilarious situations. A sheer delight for lovers of classic cinema, and a must see for Jimmy Stewart fans.

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