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Pick-Up Summer

Pick-Up Summer


Pick-Up Summer


Do kids today think of anything but cruising around, playing games, and "making out"?  Not the kids from this suburban town who decide to live it up when school gets out.

Chief Cruisers are Greg and his buddy, Steve.  Their targets?  Two bouncy, fun-loving sisters, Donna and Suzy.  Their hang-outs?  "O.J.'s Drive-In", where the gang meets to eat, and "Pete's Arcade".

A cast of colorful characters includes: Bet and his gang of punk bikers; Whimpy - "Pete's" inept fix-it man; Sally – an appetizing waitress... how far she goes nobody knows; the town flasher, who risks catching pneumonia every chance her gets, and two cops who spend all their time keeping up with the local "loonies".

It's a smashup, fun-filled comedy...
PICK-UP SUMMER... when anything and everything goes!

Director: George Mihakla

Actors: Michael Zelniker; Carl Marotte; Karen Stephen; Helene Udy

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