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Nowhere To Hide / Money

Nowhere To Hide / Money


Nowhere To Hide / Money


Nowhere: Barbara Cutter's world is about to explode. A spirited ex-Marine and a mother, she finds herself thrown into a tangled web of murder and intrigue which claims her husband's life and almost her own. She must call on her training and fierce maternal instincts to survive when she and her son become the next prey of the same pair of assassins. She must also uncover the truth about a military conspiracy that caused her husband's death. There's no time to lose, no one to help, and nowhere to hide.

Money: Twenty-one-year-old Frank Cimballi embarks on a mission to find the men that embezzaled his inheritance. He hires a private investigator to track down his father's former business associates and uncovers their devious plot to rob him of millions. Frank's search takes him from Kenya to St. Tropez and across the Atlantic to Canada, where he finds Will Scarlet, the financial genius behind his father's business. Will is gravely ill and admits his role in stealing the inheritance. To atone, he agrees to help Frank get the last man on his revenge list.

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