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Monsterfest Zombies

Monsterfest Zombies


Monsterfest Zombies


Classic Black & White

The Last Man On Earth
Starring Vincent Price
A devastating plague wipes out the world's population. The lone survivor, Dr. Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) manages to stay alive thanks to a mysterious immunity he picked up while researching bacteria in Central America. As night falls, plague victims leave their graves to form a bloodthirsty undead army!

The Amazing Transparent Man
Starring Douglas Kennedy, James Griffith.
Ego driven ex-soldier Paul Krenner forces scientist Peter Ulof to invent a special ray that turns men invisible. Things take a turn for the worse when Faust discovers a dangerous side effect to the invisibility treatments.

King Of The Zombies
Starring Dick Purcell.
A small plane off the south coast of America is blown off course by a storm and crash lands on a remote island. The two passengers and the pilot take refuge in a mansion owned by a doctor: the King of the Zombies!

Revolt Of The Zombies
Starring Dean Jagger.
Colonel Mazovia leads an expedition into Cambodia to find and destroy the secret of the zombies. When language student Armand falls for Claire, she refuffs his advances. Armand strikes out on his own and discovers the secret and uses the power of creating zombies to seek his revenge against Claire.

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