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Magic Sword [Slim Case]

Magic Sword [Slim Case]


Magic Sword [Slim Case]


Motivated by revenge, Lodak (an evil sorcer played by Basil Rathbone) kidnaps a beautiful princess and threatens to feed her to his pet dragon. This sets the stage for the heroics of young Sir George (Gary Lockwood), who along with an international team of brave warriors set out to rescue the princess and save her from becoming dragon food.

Complications arise when Sir George finds himself competing with Sir Branton, the King's seemingly loyal servant, who like Sir George, also covets the hand of the princess in marriage, and will stop at nothing to achieve his aims. Can Sir Branton be trusted to lead George and the other warriors to the princess, or is there more to wily Sir Branton than we are initally led to believe?

The Magic Sword is a fun fantasy romp featuring a distinguished cast, clever special effects and a crackling script interspersed with plenty of humor and thrilling suspense.

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