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Little Princess (2 Covers)

Little Princess (2 Covers)


Little Princess (2 Covers)


Shirley Temple stars as Sara Crew. Every little girl dreams of being a princess, but for this little one she lives the dream. She is a daughter of a very welthy british soldier. Her life becomes a nightmare when her father who is the only family she has, is called to serve his country. While her father is away fighting for his country Sara lives and studies at Miss Minchin's School for young ladies, where students are treated unfairly and judged by the wealth of their family. Suddenly Sara is informed that her father is killed in the war. When Miss Minchin realizes that there is no one to pay little Sara's tuition, Sara is forced to work for Miss Minchin. Sara makes many true friends including Ram Dass (Cesar Romero). Sara never gives up the hope and prays to god to keep her father alive. Will her prayers be answered? Will she ever see her father again? Find out in this digitally enhanced master of this all time classic.

Director: Walter Lang

Actors: Shirley Temple

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