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Legion / Total Reality

Legion / Total Reality


Legion / Total Reality


A world war has decimated the earth and spilled out into space. Now, a rogue band of fugitives led by a lone military officer (Terry Farrell of TV's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) must battle humanity's most dangerous threat yet: The Legion.

Created by a sadistic military commander, The Legion are genetically engineered fighting machines. Half human, half lizard. Unable to think for themselves, a Legion will do as he is told . . . to the death.

Now it's up to Agatha and her unruly band to save the human race . . . even though a Legion walks among her group.

Total Reality
The year is 2128, and the Alliance has defeated General Tunis and his Fascist military movement but the victory has come at a heavy price.Earth is devastated and it could take centuries for rejuvenation.

General Tunis, however, will not concede defeat.He commandeers a time machine and travels back to present day Earth to start a course of action that will threaten the very existence of mankind.

Enter Lt. Rand, a rogue soldier for the Alliance with one last shot at redemption.With a ruthless team of convicted felons.Rand pursues Tunis through time in a last ditch attempt to save the universe.

As the battle of wills begins, Rand knows that failure will mean certain death… for us all.

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