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Gun / A Fine Romance / Every Woman's Dream / Sweetbird Of Youth

Gun / A Fine Romance / Every Woman's Dream / Sweetbird Of Youth


Gun / A Fine Romance / Every Woman's Dream / Sweetbird Of Youth


This anthology follows the path of a handgun and the impact it has on the lives of those who encounter it. An all-star cast and acclaimed writers and directors contribute a different spin to these riveting stories.
Drama 90 Minutes NR

A Fine Romance
Take a pinch of Italian passion, a dash of English decorum, a splash of Paris and a touch of adultery. The result? A recipe for the unlikeliest love story in history . . .

Devastated by the news of his wife's affair with the suave Dr. Piquet, Cesario Garibaldi hatches a plan with Dr. Piquet's wife, Pamela. Neither of them realized, however, that curtailing the extramarital bliss of their respective spouses would lead to a tricky liaison of their own, bringing them laughter, loss and a lot more than they bargained for. . .
Comedy 97 Minutes PG-13

Every Woman's Dream
Mitch Parker seems like the perfect guy - an ideal husband, a friendly neighbor, good at his job. But Parker has a dark and terrible secret - he is leading a double life, deceiving two wives. To one he is a CIA agent, frequently away on dangerous and secret missions; to the other he is a millionaire studio executive, who bravely overcame cancer.

But when one wife gets suspicious, the shocking truth begins to emerge and the bigamist finds himself drawn ever deeper into a tangled web of lies and deceit. Finally, faced with losing everything, Parker will stop at nothing toprotect himself . . .
Drama 92 Minutes NR

Sweet Bird Of Youth
Once a beautiful screen idol, Alexandra Del Lago has fled Hollywood for fear that her beauty and fame has faded. Alexandra falls into the arms of Chance, a shiftless would-be actor, who sees her wealth and position as his last shot at making it in Hollywood.

Incorporating intense drama and steamy lust, this powerful production of the Tennesse Williams play reveals the dark forces of human ambition and desire, as passion and desperation collide.
Drama 94 Minutes NR

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