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Sometimes Revenge is a Real Killer

For years, John Hunter (Matt Schulze - The Fast and the Furious) has searched for a way to enter the underworld organization of THE GUILD to seek revenge against a band of assassins responsible for the death of his parents. Finally finding a contact, John enters THE GUILD posing as an assassin and is forced to prove himself or be found out.

As Herod (Jonathan Banks - Beverly Hills Cop), THE GUILD's leader, orders each hit, Hunter proves himself time and again to be a valuable asset. Herod soon asks Hunter to watch and protect Gillian (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick - NYPD Blue), a close friend of Herod's. When millions of dollars in diamonds are stolen from THE GUILD, Hunter is ordered to terminate the person responsible. Hunter soon realizes that his target is Gillian and decides to go against orders and protect her.

Hunter and Gillian go on the run. A pulse-pounding high speed chase and gun battle ensues against the backdrop of Los Angeles. Hunter's revenge is revealed in an ending that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

In English and Espanol

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