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Gore And More! - 10 Movie Pack

Gore And More! - 10 Movie Pack


Gore And More! - 10 Movie Pack


Bad Taste
A group of aliens land in a small New Zealand town and wipe out most of the population. Aliens from an intergalactic fast food chain are looking for new menu items and human flesh appears to ne the next specialty.
Peter Jackson (1988) Color 90Minutes Unrated

The Bloody Brood
A man begins to investigate on his own the death of his brother, who died from eating a hamburger laced with ground glass. With the police case stalled because of ineptness, the man's own investigation leads him toward trouble.
Peter Falk (1959) B&W 65 Minutes Unrated

Drive-In Massacre
Two police detectives investigate a series of murders at a Texas drive-in theater. Someone has been murdering movie patrons.
Jake Barnes (1974) Color 74 Minutes R

Don't Look In The Basement
A new nurse arrives to begin work at a mental hospital only to discover that the head doctor has been murdered by one of the patients and a new doctor is in charge.
Rosie Holotik (1973) Color 92 Minutes R

Driller Killer
A struggling artist finishes his masterpiece. His art dealer laughs at his work. The artist snaps and begins killing people using a large power drill as his weapon of choice.
Abel Ferrara (1979) Color 96 Minutes Unrated

Night Train To Terror
Three chilling tales of terror are presented to you by your hosts "God" and "Satan" as they travel the rails on a train to nowhere, discussing the fate of the featured characters in each story.
John Peter Law (1985) Color 93 Minutes R

The Pyx
A Montreal police detective (Christopher Plummer) is working on the case of a prostitute found brutally murdered. The detective is led to believe that the woman was the victim of a Satanic cult's ritual.
Karen Black (1973) Color 108 Minutes R

Scream Bloody Murder
A young man kills his own father and is subsequently sent to a mental institution. Upon his release, he returns home to discover his mother has remarried and, after growing to dislike his new step-father, murders the gentleman as well as his own mother.
Fred Holbert (1975) Color 90 Minutes R

Werewolf In A Girl's Dormitory
At a school for wayward girls, a series of mysterious attacks have plagued the campus. The victims all appear to have been attacked by a vicious animal.
Barbara Lass (1962) B&W 83 Minutes Unrated

The Werewolf Vs. Vampire Women
A werewolf is brought back to life and then heads off to the countryside in search of a safe haven and also prey.
Paul Naschy (1971) Color 86 Minutes R

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