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Feeders / Among Us

Feeders / Among Us


Feeders / Among Us



Out of the sky and onto your throats comes a lifeform more terrirfying than anything you could have imagined, plunging the world into a nightmare of apocalyptic proportions! Derek and Bennet are two weary travellers en route to the east coast when their vacation is interruoted by a U.F.O. sighting and a deadly encounter with smal flesh-eating beings who begin a seige on the forest and nearby community, feeding on any living thing in their path. Berek and Bennett must fight for their lives and find a way to survive the unexpected horrors that awaite them! Filled with classic and campy special effects created by Bill Morrison (THE DEAD NEXT DOOR, OZONE), this is a film that's truly out of this world.

Among Us

Hack filmaker Billy D'Amato and his rag-tage production crew enter the deep forboding Pennsylvania woods in search of the legendary Bigfoot. As the days linger on they realizse the creature is after them. What starts out as a project to exploit the eerie creature for a low budget shlocker turns into a night of freezing terror the crew will never foreget... or maybe survive. Old flames are rekindled and fears are exposed as a frenzied battle with the beast ensues in a climatic ending almost too tense to endure! The Polonia Brothers latest dramatic horror film is a good old fashioned drive-in movie the way they used to make them!

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