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Helen Kunen is a young woman who is caught between her duties as a 1960's housewife and her longings to be independent and free.

Married to Bill, a teacher at Mt. Eden prep school, she feels stifled by her husband's limited expectations for her and the physical restrictions of living with the debilitating disease multiple sclerosis. Dave, a troubled student who boards with them, develops a crush on Helen who, contrary to Bill's hard-nosed approach, gently encourages him. Helen's life becomes increasingly un bearable, but in the face of her despair she starts to realize her potential to be liberated from her physical being through dreams of flight and out-of-body experiences. However, with each incredible spiritual awaking, Helen grows more and more ill before eventually slipping into a coma. But, through the devotion of her husband and the young man who worships her, she finally discovers love's overwhelming power to heal.

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