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Delos Adventure

Delos Adventure


Delos Adventure


She's caught in a deadly battle between two superpowers . . . and it's going to take every trick she knows to survive.

When demolition expert Bard Clemens (Roger Kern) joins a scientific expedition on the beautiful, uninhabited island of San Crispin, he has no inkling that the project is destined for disaster when it unknowingly stumbles upon a secret, Soviet military operation code-named "Delos."

The expedition is attacked by a ruthless assassination squad, and the survivors begin a desperate fight to stay alive!

With no weapons and no help in sight Bard, Deni Trion (Jenny Neumann), the beautiful leader of the doomed expedition, together with Luis Vasquez (E.J. Castillo) are pitted against a team of cold-blooded killer commandos with one deadly objective: to protect operation "Delos" no matter how many lives it costs!

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