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Defenders Of The Earth - 4 Movie Collection


Defenders Of The Earth - 4 Movie Collection


Tyrant Ming the Merciless and his vast army of evil accomplices are working overtime to eliminate the human race. But the DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH, led by legendary crime-fighters The Phantom, Flash Gordon, Mandrake and his trusted confidant and bodyguard Lothar, join forces with their uniquely talented, teenage children to challenge Ming and his evil followers in a series of great adventures.

They are our last, best hope.  For a frightened but determined planet, they are the DEFENDERS OF THE EARH!

The Story Begins
Pt 1: Escape From Mongo
Pt 2: Creation Of Monitor
Pt 3: Mind Warriors
Pt 4: House Divided
Pt 5: Bits And Chips

The Necklace Of Oros
Pt 1: The Book Of Mysteries
Pt 2: The Future Comes But Once
Pt 3: Kshin's Ghost Ship
Pt 4: Carnival Of Dr. Kalahari
Pt 5: Mystery Of The Book

The Book Of Mysteries
Pt 1: The Prince Makes His Move
Pt 2: The Prince Triumphant
Pt 3: The Prince Weds
Pt 4: The Prince's Royal Hunt
Pt 5: The Prince Dethroned

Prince Of Kro-Tan
Pt 1: Necklace Of Oros
Pt 2: Torn Space
Pt 3: Ming Winter
Pt 4: The Golden Queen (I)
Pt 5: The Golden Queen (II)

Screen Format: 1

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