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Dead Waves

Dead Waves


Dead Waves


Language: Japanese, Subtitles: English

When ratings begin to slip for the network's "Spirit Sightings" program, Hiroshi Usui (Toshihiro Wada) prepares to tape and air the exorcism of a young girl named Runa (Shihori Kanjiya). During production, Hiroshi receives an email inquiring about Dead Waves emanating from his series.

Compelled to research the strange phenomenon before his latest show airs, Hiroshi uncovers the terrifying truth: Dead Waves are vengeful spirits that have become one with television waves, haunting all that watch "Spirit Sightings." The negative energies of these spirits, if not stopped, will escalate and steadily devour millions of viewers, pulling them into the shadowy world of death. With the exorcism about to air, Hiroshi races to stop it before evil is unleashed.

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