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Dead for a Dollar / Cain's Cutthroats

Dead for a Dollar / Cain's Cutthroats


Dead for a Dollar / Cain's Cutthroats


Dead For a Dollar

Dead for a Dollar is a rip-roaring Spaghetti Western with some of the most memorable shootouts in Western history.  The landscape is cruel, the gunslingers are crueler and revenge is in the air after a ruthless cowboy is double-crossed by his partners.  They take off with the loot and think that the game is over but they have underestimated the man they betrayed.  He is going to track them down and reclaim what is his and nothing is going to stop him.

Running time: Approx 106 / B&W / 1968 / Not Rated

Cain's Cutthroats

“You don't want a cause.  You want revenge.”
Ex-Confederate army captain Justice Cain (Scott Brady) wants to live a peaceful life with his wife and family and leave his days of killing buried in the past.  But his past is violently unearthed when a gang of ruthless outlaws who fought with Cain during the war show up and attempt to coerce Cain into joining them.  He refuses and the gang mercilessly slays his family and leaves Cain for dead.  Cain is nursed back to health by a Preacher (John Carradine) and then both men ride out after the gang: the preacher has his eyes on the reward money, and Cain has his set dead on revenge.

Running time: Approx 89 / 1971 / Not Rated

Actors: John Ireland, Gordon Mitchell, John Carradine, Scott Brady

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