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Davey And Goliath, Vol. 3

Davey And Goliath, Vol. 3


Davey And Goliath, Vol. 3


Davey And Goliath Volume 2: Learning About Caring for Others is a delightful collection og newly restored and enhanced, classic Davey and Goiliath episodes.  Produced by “Gumby” creators Art Clokely and Rith Clokely Goddell, Davy and Goliath provide a welcome alternative to other children's programming featuring moral themes that are timeless.  Join these quirky, wholesome characters on their adventures as they discover valuable lessons on learning about caring for others!

This DVD includes:
Six 15 minute episodes

The Zillion Dollar Combo
Good Neighbor
The Wild Goat
Big Apple
Ready or Not
Kum Ba Ya

Also includes a 30 minutes Special:
Halloween Who-Dun-it

Screen Format: 1

Bonus Features:

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