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Dark Stories / Caged Terror

Dark Stories / Caged Terror


Dark Stories / Caged Terror


Dark: When the curtain goes up, let the horror begin! Witness a dinner party with a diabolical main course - obsession is put to the limit when a scorned and demonic woman traps the man of her dreams; submission has never been so terrifying! A grisley murderer is forced to cover his trail without losing his mind. These eerie tales from the grave will leave you at the edge of your seat, screaming for more. Things are often not what they seem.

Caged: Behind these bars lies an unbridled fury. Caged Terror - a tale of madness, infidelity and revenge. Everyone needs to get away from it all, and the country is the most tranquil place to escape life's everyday battles. Or is it? Richard and Janet, a city couple, find that just the opposite is true as their weekend getaway is transformed into a frightening and primitive wilderness. Camping for the night in a seemingly abandoned farmhouse, the two are suddenly joined by strangers who have been secretly watching them all afternoon. Strangers who will soon cage Richard like a trapped animal and ravage his wife. Strangers who will drive Richard berserk in the cold and inhuman isolation of Caged Terror.

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