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Cyclone / Delos Adventure / Tormentors / Savage Justice

Cyclone / Delos Adventure / Tormentors / Savage Justice


Cyclone / Delos Adventure / Tormentors / Savage Justice




An impressive cast, an amazing high-tech motorcycle, and a series of electrifying stunts highlight futuristic action-adventure “CYCLONE”

Heather Tomas (The Fall Guy, Zapped) stars as Teri Marshall, a brave young woman who becomes responsible for 'The Cyclone', a super motorcycle, after her inventor boyfriend is murdered. Caught between international forces an U.S. Government agencies that are vying for the futuristic machine, Teri is thrown into a life-threatening situation as she finds herself in the midst of intrigue, deadly double-crosses, and high-speed chases.

Adding to the excitement of “Cyclone” is a talented cast that includes Martin Landau, Dar Robinson, Martine Beswicke, Troy Donahue, Robert Quarry, Jeffrey Combs, Ashley Ferrare, Michael Reagan, and Tim Conway Jr.

Running time: Approx. 89 Min / Color / Rated R

The Delos Adventure

When demolition expert Brad Clemens (Roger Kern) joins a scientific expedition on the beautiful, uninhabited island of San Crispin, he has no inkling that the project is destined for disaster when it unknowingly stumbles upon a secret, Soviet military operation code-named “Delos.”

The expedition is attacked by a ruthless assassination squad, and the survivors begin a desperate fight to stay alive!

With now weapons and no help in sight Bard, Deni Trion (Jenny Nuemann), the beautiful leader of the doomed expedition, together with Luis Vasquez (E.J. Castillo) are pitted against a team of cold-blooded killer commandos with one deadly objective: to protect operation “Delos” no matter how many lives it costs!

Running Time: Approx 78 Min / Color / Rated R

The Tormentors

A wild gang of bikers who shamelessly idolize the Nazis, brutalizes anyone or anything that stands in their way. Dealing in illegal weapons, assassinations, power and violence, they seam invincible until they push one man to far... When his girlfriend is savagely murdered, he declares a personal war... but to destroy them, he has to join them!

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