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Cry Of The Penguins / Deadline

Cry Of The Penguins / Deadline


Cry Of The Penguins / Deadline


Cry of the Penguins

A young biologist spends too much time chasing women and not enough time in the pursuit of science. He chooses to study a colony of Penguins in the Antarctic to impress a young student, and developed a real concern for their plight. His observations about their daily struggle to survive touch a nerve within him, and change his entire outlook on life.

Running time: 105 Minutes / Color


A tragic romance set against a military coup on a Persian gulf island state. Showcasing Academy Award Nominated John Hurt as Gransville Jones and sultry beauty Imogen Stubbs as his over, Deadline impacts as a story torn from today's headlines, and seethes with danger, suspense and high drama, along with an aching love story straight from the heart.

Running time: 86 Minutes / Color

Screen Format: 1

Director: Al viola, Richard Stroud

Actors: John Hurt, Hayley Mills, Dudly Sutton, Imogen Stubbs, Robert McBain

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