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Creep / Twisted Illusions 2

Creep / Twisted Illusions 2


Creep / Twisted Illusions 2



From director Tim Ritter comes “one of the all-time cult favorite horror horror-flicks,” CREEP. Starring adult video superstar Kathy (America's Favorite Nymphomaniac) Willets in her only mainstream role to date, this is the shocking tale of brother and sister killers pitted against father and daughter cops. As the twisted sotry moves forward, the connection between characters is revealed amongst whispers of nearly every taboo imaginable, drawing everyone closer to the movie's explosive finale! Co-starring cult superstar Joel D. Wynkoop, Patricia (WICKED GAMES) Paul and Tome (DERANGED) Karr, CREEP is “skillfully written and masterfully shot.” This special wide screen director's cut of the movie proves why CREEP has been hailed as “Well-made, fast-paced, blood-splattered, politically incorrect, and wearing its sleaziness as if it were a war medal!”

Twisted Illusions 2

This exclusive, limited edition, DVD celebration contains three very disturbing tales that will bend your mind! First up, BETRAYAL, the story of revenge from beyond the grave. Next up, THE PART, which chronicles a thespian who goes for a horror movie role. And finally, DEXTER DEADBEAT, about a woman being stalked by a maniac for the most unorthodox reasons imaginable! So lock your doors, turn out the lights and enjoy TWISTED ILLUSIONS 2.

Starring Jasi Cotton Nalier, Joel D. Wynkoop, Prof. Tread, Shannon, Robert L Sumner

Director: Tom Ritter, Joel D. Wynkoop

Actors: Kathy Willets, Patricia Paul, Jasi Cotton Nalier, Joel D. Wynkoop, Prof. Tread

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