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Cowboy Country: Western Migration

Cowboy Country: Western Migration


Cowboy Country: Western Migration


Saddle up for an unforgettable ride along the rugged trails, rolling prairies and wide-open ranges of Cowboy Country. Along the way you'll meet legendary heroes, warriors and scoundrels . . . vivit frontier towns, outposts and tribal villages . . . and relive the events that made the American West famous. Packed with vivid reenactments, colorful characters, historic photos and films, and fascinating facts, Cowboy Country is an entertaining journey through the real West of yesterday and today.

Cowboy Country is narrated by Barry Corbin (from television's Northern Exposure), a noted television and motion picture actor and also a real-life cowboy who makes his home on a ranch in Texas.

Western Migration
Beginning in the early 1840's, more than 350,000 settlers headed out into the American West in covered wagons, on horseback and on foot. It was one of the biggest migrations in human history and one of the most difficult - five months across dangerous, unforgiving land. We retrace the steps of these pioneers along the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails to gain an understanding of those who risked so much to reach their promised land.

The Gold Rush
More than liberty, land or lumber, gold paved the way for the settlement of the American West. The frenzied days of the '49er prospectors are long gone, but Gold Rush towns still beckon those who are mining for memories from one of history's most exciting times.

Western Towns: Dead or Alive
The history of the American West is often most colorfully told in places like Tombstone, Arizona; South Pass City, Wyoming; and Deadwood, South Dakota. Some Old West towns have crumbled to dust while others are very much alive. A trip through them is a fascinating journey into the past.

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