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Cowboy Country: The Native Americans

Cowboy Country: The Native Americans


Cowboy Country: The Native Americans


Saddle up for an unforgettable ride along the rugged trails, rolling prairies and wide-open ranges of Cowboy Country. Along the way you'll meet legendary heroes, warriors and scoundrels . . . vivit frontier towns, outposts and tribal villages . . . and relive the events that made the American West famous. Packed with vivid reenactments, colorful characters, historic photos and films, and fascinating facts, Cowboy Country is an entertaining journey through the real West of yesterday and today.

Cowboy Country is narrated by Barry Corbin (from television's Northern Exposure), a noted television and motion picture actor and also a real-life cowboy who makes his home on a ranch in Texas.

Native Americans
For centuries, the native peoples of the American West lived a proud, independent life. But in the mid of the 19th century they found themselves overwhelmed by a torrent of emigrants. Theirs is a story of tragedy and treachery but also, finally, one of hope and the revival of ancient beliefs and customs.

The Ancient Ones
Before the first covered wagon crossed the plains, before the first cowboy or Spanish conquistador, they were there. The Navajo call them "The Ancient Ones." They flourished throughout the American West for nearly seven centuries. Their disappearance remains an enduring mystery. We search for answers.

The Other Voices Of Cowboy Country
The American West of the 19th century was not just a place of native Americans and emigrants of European ancestry. It was also also a place where those of African, Asian and Spanish descent left and indelible mark. We examine that contribution.

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