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Cold War Hysteria

Cold War Hysteria


Cold War Hysteria


Relive the fear and paranoia of America's most dangerous era in one multi-disc Collectors Set.

Return to the era of nuclear brinkmanship and visceral fear that gripped the entire country with this amazing collection of documentaries and public service features. From atomic testing to fall-out shelters, canned and dried food caches and unintentionally comical safety advice for a nation of terrified Americans, the hysteria of a generation is captured here.

Disc 1:
- Stay Safe, Stay Strong: The Facts About Nuclear Weapons
- About Fallout
- News Magazine of the Screen: The Atomic Energy
- Our Cities Must Fight
- Town Of The Times
- Operation: Tumbler Snapper
- Operation: Greenhouse
- Operation: Plumbbob - Weapons Development Report
- Project Gnome
- Radiological Defense
- Atomic Proving Grounds - The Story Of Operation: Sandstone
- Atomic Weapons Tests - Trinity Through Buster-Jangle
- Fallout: When And How To Protect Yourself

Disc 2:
- Operation: Crossroads
- Operation: Ivy
- Management Of Mass Casualities
- Special Delivery
- Tale Of Two Cities
- Bombproof
- Information Program Within Public Shelters
- Occupying A Public Shelter
- Target: You!
- Warning Red
- Operation: Hardtack
- Medic: Flash Of Darkness
- The Atom Strikes!

Disc 3:
- This Is NOT A Test
- Red Chinese Battle Plan
- The Medical Aspects Of Nuclear Radiation
- Operation: Cue
- The Atom And Biological Science
- Atomic Alert
- The Challenge Of Ideas
- The House In The Middle
- Survival Under Atomic Attack
- What You Should Know About Biological Warfare
- A New Look At The H-Bomb
- Duck And Cover
- Let's Face It
- You Can Beat The A-Bomb
- A Day Called X
- Operation: Castle
- A Is For Atom

Bonus Features:

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