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Cochise County USA - Cries From The Border

Cochise County USA - Cries From The Border


Cochise County USA - Cries From The Border


This is the first documentary film focused on the real life impact of illegal immigration to border communities. Written and directed by Cochise County resident Mercedes Maharis, this shocking gritty film documents this national tragedy and its demoralizing effect on an otherwise quiet rural community in Arizona.

Though home to only 130,000 permanent residents, Cochise County has now become "Ground Zero" for the illegal immigration invasion. It is estimated that as many as one million illegal immigrants annually use the border here as the primary crossing point into the United States.

This one-of-a-kind feature film highlights the grim reality of the cultural clashes and the escalating danger that the human and drug trafficking leaves in its wake. Through interviews with elected officials, residents, border patrol, activists, volunteer civil defense, and even the immigrants themselves, these vivid first hand accounts reveal the frustration and abandonment of a failed national policy.

Extraordinary footage of actual border crossings and controversial scenes of those left for dead, Chochise County USA - Cries From The Border is a must se for anyone concerned about the illegal immigration invasion along our bloody border.

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