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Cisco Kid

Cisco Kid


Cisco Kid


HEre's adventure! Here's romance! O. Henry's "famous Robin Hood of the Old West" is back! The Cisco Kid Stars Duncan Reynaldo as Cisco, and Leo Carillo as his faithful sidekick and comic foil, Pancho. One of the first television programs to be filmed in color, this classic western series ran from 1960-1956.

Set in New Mexico, Cisco and Pancho fight corruption and seek justice for the victims of bandits, con men and rustlers. With a combination of humor and compassion for their fellow man, Cisco and Pancho have become legends and role models to television views of all ages.

The Cisco Kid collection features six 30 minute episodes of the popular western series, including:

Side A

1. Convict Story

2. Medicine Flats

3. The Big Switch

Side B

1. Oil Land

2. The Will

3. Railroad Land Rush

Screen Format: 1

Actors: Duncan Reynaldo

Bonus Features:

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