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Christmas Tree, The

Christmas Tree, The


Christmas Tree, The


The poor children who live at Mrs. Mavilda's orphanage have never had Christmas presents . . . They've never even heard of Santa!

The cold-hearted Mrs. Mavilda doesn't believe in such "foolishness." Despite their hardships, the hopeful tykes still find reason to celebrate beneath the branches of a stately pine tree that grows just outside their window. When an energetic young mother and her two adorable children come to work at the orphanage, the ragamuffin tots have hope for a real Christmas . . . but not if Mrs. Mavilda has anything to say about it! Will she actually chop down the children's beloved tree? Will Santa be able to save the day? With rousing action and a cast of unforgettable characters, The Christmas Tree teaches an inspirational lesson about the power of true Christmas spirit.

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