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Cheerleader Autopsy / Fart . . . The Movie

Cheerleader Autopsy / Fart . . . The Movie


Cheerleader Autopsy / Fart . . . The Movie


Cheerleader Autopsy: When a freak accident strikes down a busload of competition bound nubile young cheerleaders, all hopes seem lost for the Fighting Beavers of Stinkwater High . . . until an Alzheimer-afflicted mortician, his opportunistic college-dropout nephew and a simpering night janitor discover that one of the girls is still alive despite her indescribably gruesome disfigurements. The three men soon find themselves pitted against each other in a winner takes all face off for control of the last of the Beavers and the recipe for an astonishingly potent healing elixer.

Fart . . . The Movie: This is the story of Russell. Russell loves to fart. Russell is married to Heather. Heather hates farting. The eternal triangle! Russell has two passions in life watching television, and farting tough not necessarily in that order. It's New Years Eve and wife Heather wants to party, but Russell would rather watch TV. Heather is certain that if they ever allowed farting on TV, he would never leave the house. This is the night! Russell goes to sleep in front of the boob tube and dream that television land is all about farting! There are fart sitcoms, fart commercials, fart game shows, and even a movie review for Fart - The Movie. It was all a dream . . . or was it?

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