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Caught On Tape - Volumes 3 & 4

Caught On Tape - Volumes 3 & 4


Caught On Tape - Volumes 3 & 4


Be Careful Little Brother Might Be Watching

No set-ups . . . just real life, it's foibles, blunders, bungles, and gaffs . . . people and animals in the most amazing and embarrassing situations-naughty nudes, wedding faux pas and pretentious pets are just a few of the many situations "Caught On Tape".

See jaded New Yorkers shocked by the site of a naked man walking down the streets of Manhattan.

Take flight with a bunch of college kids who start spring vacation at 10,000 feet with a wet t-shirt contest in the aisle, while the pilot plays Master of Ceremonies!

Caught on Tape is a can't miss hilarious entertainment experience. A truly outlandish examination of clandestine acts, strange people and illegal activity.

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