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Carnival Of Souls / Atom Age Vampire

Carnival Of Souls / Atom Age Vampire


Carnival Of Souls / Atom Age Vampire


Classic Black & White

Carnival Of Souls: Mary Henry's life is turned upside down when a pleasant daytrip with two friends turns sour when they accept a challenge to drag race and their car is forced off a bridge. When the car sinks into the murky depths, all three women are assumed drowned. Instead, to everyone's amazement, Mary emerges unscathed from the river quite some time later. Trying to get a new start as a church organist, Mary finds herself haunted by a ghostly figure that arouses fear and dread in the tormented young woman.

Atom Age Vampire: A deranged scientific genius invents a breakthrough treatment to restore the beauty of a stripper who has been tragically mutilated in a car crash. When he falls in love with his patient, he must maintain her treatment by using the glands of women that he has murdered. In the process he is transformed into a hideous creature. Inevitably a noose tightens around him as the police and the stripper's boyfriend begin to ask uncomfortable questions.

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