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Ex-con Bernice Rhodenburr (Whoopi Goldberg) is tough, smart, funny - and in one helluva mess.  A double-dealing cop (G.W. Bailey) is blackmailing her and wants $20,000 to keep quiet.  The best way Bernice can raise the cash?  Turn Burglar for one last heist...  which regrettably ends in murder.
Goldberg is the real laugh stealer at the heart of this comic mystery, as Bernice tears San Francisco apart to find the real killer - before the city's finest find her.  Director Hugh Wilson (The First Wive's Club, Police Academy) casts for laughs (Bob Goldthwait, John Goodman, Anne DeSalvo, Lesley Ann Warren), ensuring you'll have a great crime at the movies!

Director: Hugh Wilsin

Actors: Whoopi Goldberg, Bob Goldthwait, G.W. Bailey,Lesly Ann Warren, John Goodman

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