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Buddhist Shaolin Avengers

Buddhist Shaolin Avengers


Buddhist Shaolin Avengers


Kang Tau Kan is a young expert Shaolin fist fighter who defends small business owners in the city from attacks by the local hoodlums. When summoned to his father's deathbed, he promises to give up fighting, return home and work on the farm to support his mother and sister.

However, Wang, who is an evil, crooked land developer, has bribed local officials and illegally acquired large parcels of land. Kang refuses to sell his land and will not fight because of his deathbed promise to his father. Wang burns Kangs farm and kills his mother and sister.

Kang sets out to avenge his family. After a series of action-packed fights, he defeats the killers, avenges his mother and sister and brings peace to the town.

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