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Brand New World / Cold Harvest / Broken Vessels / Married 2 Malcolm

Brand New World / Cold Harvest / Broken Vessels / Married 2 Malcolm


Brand New World / Cold Harvest / Broken Vessels / Married 2 Malcolm


Bran new World

On a small battle-scarred island governed by British military forces, a fragile truce is declared.  Bloodied and weary, the resilient soldiers now face the task of starting a new colony on the savage and still hostile land.  To help with delicate rebuilding process, a new government imitative sends adventure-seeking women to the war-torn island.  But in a country hanging in the balance, any blissful occupation os but a dream as the heroic men, broken by war, are isolated from their families and homeland.

Contains violence, Strong Sexuality and Language.  May Not Be Suitable For All Audiences.

Color / Action / Approx. 100 Minutes / Not Rated

Cold Harvest

It's been two years since the comet devastated Earth, leaving humans on the brink of extinction.  Disease has raged out of control and lawless savages patrol the streets.  Out of the shadows emerges Roland (Gary Daniels), with revenge on his mind.  With the help of his suicidal sister-in-law, Christine, he seeks to avenge the death of his brother by finding one of only seven humans who carry the precious anti-body that can cure the overwhelming plague.  However, Little Ray (Bryan Genesse) also has his eye on the vaccine, but with the shocking intention of isolating the gene and ruling the world.  Now the two men will collide in a deadly pursuit of world preservation and domination.

Color / Action / Approx.  95 Minutes / Rated R

Broken Vessels

Broken Vessels slams into gear in its very first scene and never loses its manic energy.  When wide-eyed Tom (Jason London) gets a job as a paramedic sidekick to Jimmy (Todd Field), their pressure-cooker lifestyle of anger escalates into a terrifying joy ride.  The back of the ambulance becomes a daily crime scene where violence, casual sex, and abuse gradually destroys them both.  A hit at the Toronto Film Festival and Audience Award Winner at the Los Angeles Independent Film Film Festival, Broken Vessels will make you think twice about calling 911.

Color / Action / Approx.  91 Minutes / Rated R

Married 2 Malcolm

In Blackpool, a seaside town in the north of England, Malcolm (Mark Addy) leads a hectic life drivin a taxi and juggling his two wives, Natalie (Josie Lawrence) and Norma (Tracey Wilinson).  When Norma wins a National Karaoke Championship and is given the chance to sing a duet at an upcoming concert with glitzy pop star and childhood idol, Noddy Holder, Malcolm is thrilled.  However, when Natalie wins a contract ti design a costume for Nody at the same event, Malcolm is prepared to do whatever it takes to survive the unavoidable meeting.

Color / Comedy / Approx.  95 Minutes / Mot Rated

Actors: Gary Daniels, Jason London, Mark Addy, Josie Lawrence

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