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Brain Drainer / Working Stiffs

Brain Drainer / Working Stiffs


Brain Drainer / Working Stiffs


Director Mike Legge (LOONS, POTENTIAL SINS, WORKING STIFFS) is back with his funniest movie yet! This sci-fi spoof has to be seen by all true lovers of the high camp movies of the 1950's! Who would have thought a little rock from outer space would create so much trouble? In the ridiculous tradition of WORKING STIFFS comes a sci-fi comedy with absolutely NO BRAINS! An alien life form resembling a rock lands on Earth and is picked up by a derelict. The rock, which feeds on intelligence, quickly suck its victims brain dry and leaves an empty headed human statue! From then on it becomes a battle royal between the scientists and the bad guys to gain control of the rock and perhaps the world! Featuring great Sideshow Cinema characters from past flicks - Matt Retina, the blind doctor, The Creeper, The Spiderwoman, The Amazing Jacques and his Hypnotic Eye! All in one absurd extravaganza!

An unscrupulous temporary employment agency discovers the secret to cheap labor. Through the use of voodoo spells, freshly killed employees are brought back to life to become workaholics from the grave. When a woman's brother becomes a "dead"-icated employee, she finds herself right in the middle of the murderous mayhem. WORKING STIFFS is a hilarious, offbeat comedy about the American work ethic gone wild.

Director: Mike Legge

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