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Boy In The Plastic Bub

Boy In The Plastic Bub


Boy In The Plastic Bubble


In this moving made-for-TV movie, John Travolta (Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Pulp Fiction) stars as Todd Lubitsch, a teenage boy born without the necessary immunities to stave off disease and infections. Becuase of this illness, Tod must live his entire life encased in a sanitary airtight enviroment; at home his room is closed off from his family and at aschool he gets around in an airtight suit. However, when Todd falls in love with Ginaa Biggs (Glynnis O'Connor) he must choose between continuing to be closed off from those he loves or facing the near-certain death of living outside the bubble and follwoing his emotions. This film is an early glimpse of John Travolta experimenting with dramatic roles and proving he had grown out of his Welcom Back Carter Days. Don't miss John TRavolta's breakout starring performance.

Screen Format: 1

Director: Ranal Klaiser

Actors: John Travolta, Diana Hyland, Robert Reed, Glynnis O'Conner

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