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Bowery At Midnight [Slim Case]

Bowery At Midnight [Slim Case]


Bowery At Midnight [Slim Case]


A friendly mission for the poor serves as the diabolical headquarters for a twisted criminal mastermind played with creepy aplomb by horror legend Bela Lugosi. Professor Brenner is a widely respected criminologist who in addition to his duties as a teacher, also works to aid less fortunate members of society, but appearances can be deceiving, as student Judy Malvern (Played by Wanda McKay) will soon discover. It seems the kindly professor is in fact a master manipulator who recruits gangsters to preform dastardly deeds. If that weren't bad enough, the fate that eventually befalls these unfortunate recruits is even more gruesome and too terrible to tell.

Screen Format: 1

Actors: Bela Lugosi, John Archer, Wanda McKay

Bonus Features:

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