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Bonanza Volume 3

Bonanza Volume 3


Bonanza Volume 3 [Slim Case]


Ben Cartwright and his sons Adam, Hoss and Little Joe are the fictional stars of this T.V. western about a man and his sons living in the brutal era of the Old West. However, whatever dilemma these four men may encounter over the course of an episode, viewers can always be confident that good will triumph over evil in the end.

1. Badge Without Honor:
Gerald Eskith is a hired killer posing as a Deputy Marshal looking for Jason Blaine. His claims that Jason witnessed the murder of the Murdock Gang, and needs to go to Sacramento to testify, sounds suspicious to Adam and he plans on helping Eskith to escort Blaine to the city.
2. The Blood Line:
After killing Luke Grayson in self-defence, Ben feels responsible for caring for Grayson's son, Todd. However, it is revenge, not a new father figure, that is on Todd's mind; he is intent on killing Ben.

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