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Blood City / God Said To Cain

Blood City / God Said To Cain


Blood City / God Said To Cain


Blood City

Staring Jack Palance & Keir Dulla

A group of five people find themselves in a bizarre western town where status is awarded according to the number of people one can kill.  With no knowledge of where they are other than a card in each of their pockets informing them that they are each convicted murderers, things quickly get out of hand. In a town like this, jockeying for power is a deadly proposition, but it is also the only way they can ensure that they will see the next morning!  Caught in a ruthless game of survival the five must fight their way out, but not all of them will make it out alive...

Note Rated / 1977 / Color / 92 Minutes

And God Said to Cain

Staring Klaus Kinski

Framed by his old friend Acombar, Gary Hamilton (Klaus Kinski) has done ten years of heavy labor in a stone pit in the desert for a crime he did not commit.  Hamilton is released from his wrongful incarceration when a presidential pardon for veterans of the Civil War exonerates him.  In the intervening years since Hamilton;s imprisonment, Acambarhas amassed a fortune by stealing the gold mine belonging to Hamilton.  Catching a stagecoach to the twon where Acombar lives a comfortable and opulent assistance, Hamilton arrives just as a furious storm begins.  Against a backdrop of violent and frightening weather, Hamilton begins to systematically wreak his vengeance against Acombar and his men.  Using the dark weather and the catacombs beneath the town for cover, Hamilton wages a war against his former friend

Not Rate / 1968 / Color / 94 Minutes Clark / Run time: 165 Minutes / Rated PG

Actors: Jack Palance, Keir Dullea, Klaus Kinski

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