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Black Cobra 1, 2 & 3

Black Cobra 1, 2 & 3


Black Cobra 1, 2 & 3


The Black Cobra (1978) Not Rated (Violence, Language)
A successful young fashion photographer stumbles onto a murder in progress, snaps the killer's photo and runs for her life.  Snake, the brutal leader of the murderous Black Cobras, vows ro kill her for taking his picture.  Approx 90 Min.

Black Cobra 2 (1990) MPAA Rated [R]
A tough Chicago cop (Fred Williamson) and an inspector for Interpol are teamed up for an assignment in the Philippines.  When a small time pickpocket is found deadm the killer's trail leads to a notorious terrorist who holds a school of 350 children hostage while demanding a terrorist's release.  Approx 95 Min.

Black Cobra 3 (1990) MPAA Rated [R]
This time, tough Chicago cope Robert Malone is called in by Interpol to track down puppets who stole a vital arms shipment in the Philippines.  When he mounts his assault on the villain’s jungle fortress, they realize this is no ordinary cop.  Approx 92 Min.

Screen Format: 1

Actors: Fred Williamson

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